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These AI Assistants Starter Packs are especially designed by our team to perform specific tasks. you can share usage across all these assistants and swtich between them in one click

Free Trial : 100K credits for all assistants

AI assistants
for your Marketing Team

This set of AI Assistants is specially designed to boost productivity and quality of your marketing team :

Check and Optimize your website impact. 
Align all your marketing communications to your company values and messaging framework. 
Create and publish new Content and adapt it to your personas.

AI Assistants
for your Sales Team

This set of AI Assistants is specially designed to boost productivity and performance of your sales team

Get help to write better sales pitch and proposals. 
Get instant insights for any company or contact you target
Write better and more personalized email or linkedin sequences

Not convinced yet ? Try one of our individual AI Assistants for free ;-)

These AI Assistants Templates are especially designed by our team to boost your own productivity for on single business objective at minimum cost. You can select one and use it for free ...when you are out of credits just refill.. no recurring fee

Free Trial : 0€/month, with 100 K free credits to start !

and more Coming soon ...

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AI Business Assistants !

Nbaia AI Factory has been designed to let you build your own AI Assistants for your teams and clients !

Let us know about your projects and we will build them together

They already work with us ..

Try AI Assistants packs already designed by our partners

Nbaia Selected Partners distribute their own AI assistants to their customers or integrate them directly in their products. 

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with AI ready assistants

Our unique features

Our Nbai Assistants make the use of AI power easy for you

Realtime Analytics - Techcloud X Webflow Template

Unified UX

No need to learn multiple tools.No need to pay for each AI tools.

User Journey - Techcloud X Webflow Template

Shared Context

Instantly leverage the power of multiple AI tools on the same context, creating a streamlined workflow

Automated Reports - Techcloud X Webflow Template

API integration

your can perform complex AI tasks by combining multiple apis from on signe toolbox

Integrations - Techcloud X Webflow Template


Studio with Built-in tools and templates for immediate usage